Help Planoette Bootbackers earn money by using reward cards and shopping at the following retailers. Read the information below to find out how to get started. 


Amazon Smile

Make Amazon Purchases Count

Use the link below to make your Amazon purchases

and Planoettes will receive $.


Kroger Community Rewards


You can link your Kroger Rewards Card to Planoette Bootbackers and Kroger will donate a percentage of your sales to Planoette Bootbackers. You can do this online. Go to: and create a Kroger Rewards Account. Link your account to the Planoette Bootbackers Booster Club using Planoette Bootbackers Code: YW687.

The Kroger Community Rewards resets each year so you must re-link your card each year after August 1st.



Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program


Fill out a form to link your rewards card and Tom Thumb will donate 1% of your purchases to the Planoette Bootbacker Booster Club. Planoette Bootbackers code is: 12138


You can ask for a card at the customer service desk or bring it in.


For more information