Awards & Honors 2022-2023

American Dance/Drill Team Line Camp -- July 28 - July 31, 2022

  • All American Honorable Mention: Ava Koehne, McRae Jones, Peyton Bambach, Lexi Bogoslavsky, Jessica Morris, Christen Stewart, Brooke Tallas, Zanna Jones, Channing Gilmore, Sydney Picchi, Meredith Nail, Addie Cummings
  • All American: Rikki Silver, Lindsey Willmann, Nicole Hutchinson, Kim Torten, Reese McDonald, Mae Spell, Skylar Calderon, Cassandra Lopez, Danielle Djuandi, Marisa Buccini, Maddy Coutu, Sarah Fish
  • All American Dance Company: Nicole Hutchinson
  • All American Kick Company: Jessica Morris
  • Outstanding Performer: Cassandra Lopez
  • Outstanding Home Routine Award
  • Diamond Sweepstakes
  • All American Team of the Week 

Outstanding Officer Camp!!

Our very own "Swaggy Six" officers finished up their camp this past week. They earned two Diamonds and two High Platinum awards!!!

We are so proud of you and your hard work that you put in, representing Planoettes!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Captain, Cassandra Lopez, who was the recipient of the Intensify Scholarship Award!!

You all are truly, The Pride of Plano!!




Awards & Honors 2021-2022

The Planoettes attended the American Dance Team Nationals Competition on Friday and Saturday this past weekend and came home with many awards including 5 National Champion awards in categories! We are so proud of how they represented Plano and were among the TOP 5 in overalls! That is a HUGE accomplishment. Please congratulate them if you see them around! Thank you for your support these past few months as these girls have worked tirelessly preparing during competition season! See below for all awards received including Most Outstanding Team voted on by the other teams there! It is an honor to be recognized by your peers!


ADTS Nationals -- March 25 - March 26, 2022

  • Team:
  • National Champion Jazz, Military, and Show Production
  • First Runner Up Contemporary and Pom
  • Wow Factor Award for Team Jazz (only 8 of these given out!!!)
  • First Runner Up Large Team
  • 5th Best of the Best Overall Divisions
  • Most Outstanding Team
  • Elite:
  • National Champion Kick and Contemporary
  • 2nd Runner Up Jazz
  • 3rd Runner Up Elite Team
  • 3rd Highest Scoring Elite dance for Elite Contemporary
  • Officers:
  • 1st Runner Up Jazz, Novelty, and Lyrical
  • 2nd Runner Up Contemporary
  • 2nd Runner Up Large Team Officers
  • 6th Best of the Best Overall Divisions
  • Sergeants:
  • National Champion Small Ensemble for their Contemporary
  • 2nd Runner up Social Officers
  • Solo Finalist: Brooke Sidler


American Dance/Drill Team Line Camp -- July 29 - August 1, 2021

  • Team Camp Awards: 
  • Diamond Sweepstakes
  • Outstanding Home Routine
  • Best Overall Technique 
  • All American Team of the Day - Day 1
  • Most Admired Team of the Day - Day 2
  • All American Team of the Week
  • Outstanding Performer: Brooke Sidler
  • Honorable Mention Dancers: Marisa Buccini, Maddy Coutu, Cassandra Lopez, Ella Mitchell, Jessica Morris, Olivia Morrison, Taylor Ramsey, Brooke Tallas, Kim Torten
  • All American Dancers: Hayden Coomes, Alyson Daykin, Nicole Hutchinson, Megan Kaplan, Reese McDonald, Samantha Murphy, Kate Pierson, Reyna Sanchez, Brooke Sidler, Catherine Sorrels, Emma Wood
  • All American Kick Company: Alyson Daykin, Megan Kaplan, Brooke Sidler
  • All American Dance Company: Alyson Daykin, Megan Kaplan, Reyna Sanchez, Brooke Sidler 





Officer & Sergeant Leadership Camp June 4-7, 2021

  • Sergeants Awards: 
  • Day 1 Fan Fave for Socials
  • Outstanding Presentation on all projects
  • Outstanding Attention to Detail on all projects
  • Outstanding Creativity on all projects
  • High Platinum Home Routine Evaluation
  • High Platinum Social Camp Dance Evaluation
  • Officers Awards: 
  • Day 2 Fan Fave for Dance Officers
  • Diamond Home Routine Evaluation
  • High Point Award for Home Routine
  • High Platinum Camp Dance Evaluation
  • Diamond Choreography Evaluation
  • Diamond Chosen Routine Evaluation
  • High Point Officer Group (Top 10 of camp)

Awards & Honors 2020-2021


American Dance/Drill Team Line Camp -- July 27 - 29, 2020

  • All American Dancers – Maddie Bird, Hayden Coomes, Ceceille Darter, Megan Kaplan, Samantha Murphy, Paige Salas, Brooke Sidler
  • All American Honorable Mention Dancers – Alyson Daykin, Angelee DeJesus, Chloe Harmon, Skylar Horen, Kate Pierson, Bethany Rollins, Kylee Schwartz, Catherine Sorrels, Emma Wood
  • Pizazz Award – Amyah Bryant, Estephanie Cruces, Haley Milton, Emma Wood
  • Spirit of ADTS Award - Skylar Horen, Mia Leonard, Zoie McCarty, Brooke Sidler
  • ADTS Dance CompanyCeceille Darter, Megan Kaplan, Paige Salas, Brooke Sidler
  • Gussie Nell Davis Award - Maddie Bird, Hayden Coomes, Skylar Horen, Emma Wood
  • Outstanding Performer – Ceceille Darter

On Saturday, February 8th, 2020, the Planoettes competed in the Crowd Pleasers, Regional Competition, at Independence High School in Frisco.

The Planoettes won the following awards:


5th runner up 11th grade GiAnni Spears
Finalist Willow Parsell
4th runner up 12th grade Hayley Grimes
Sergeant small ensemble winner
1st runner up social officers
Officer Sweepstakes
Winner Officer contemp, Jazz, lyrical, novelty
Crowd pleaser award officer jazz
Super team grand champion officers
4th place Officer overall grand champion
Elite super sweepstakes
Team super sweepstakes
Elite hip hop and jazz winner
Elite kick and contemporary 1st runner up
Team contemporary, jazz, military, pom and production winner
Elite grand champion
Super Team grand champion
2nd overall grand champion